Wednesday, 23 May 2012

HyunA... not anti just too funny

ok not a long blog but anyways... so I was watching hyuna's "bubble pop" on youtube when I looked down the comments to see this~~~ "My friend who showed me this said it was a commercial for a korean brothel" omg, I almost peed myself laughing. if you didnt know hyuna or that it was even a song its actually seriously believable. think about it young korean girls in skimpy outfits (well this is normalish in kpop) doing very provacative dance.
 (found on google)
yeah this gif really doesnt do it much justice haha
I am not an anti, I actually love hyuna and Im a huge fan but omg when you put it in a different perspective its so hilarious XD

Next topic~ whats new in my life ~

so I really havent blogged in a long time but i guess I will start doing it again (had a nice break ^^)
and it will be every wednesday and sunday that I post~ so something interesting might come up keep reading and if you want me to blog something specific just comment :) hope you have an awesome day

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